The Magical Land of Wozz, Part 11 – The Grand Finale

Greetings, heroes! Welcome back to The Magical Land of Wozz. I hope you’ve enjoyed your adventure thus far. This post will end the Wozz series, as we have now reached the end of the game and our mission is to slay Balam. This entry will be a bit longer than the rest, so hopefully you’re nice and cozy before you start reading. Let’s recap what happened in the last post! Our heroes crashlanded in the Dark Land and reached out to Lord Pades for assistance in getting back to the surface. He agreed, but first asked that we solve the mystery of demons finding their way to the surface. We take his daughter Ramune and investigate the Sands Cave, where we find Octurer spinning webs to let the demons out. After defeating Octurer, Lord Pades sends us back to the surface with Ramune as our new companion, and we reconnect with Sullivan, who tells us they have located Balam’s hideout and we are ready for the final battle. Leona invented a new vehicle to drill through the mountain encasing the Temple of Uztenon, and we reach Dermon, the land of the demons. We did some sidequests to catch everything up for the end of the story and finally got an airship!

Let’s boogie into the Grand Finale of The Magical Land of Wozz!

Our next mission is to infiltrate Wofel Tower, so we get in the airship and head north. A large cat monster is wrapped around the base of the tower, so the party plays Rock, Paper, Scissors and nominates Chun to use the Cat Toy we found in Balam’s village to distract Elune away from the tower. Once Chun returns, we head inside and start exploring. The dungeon isn’t that hard, so we head up to the top and run into a ghost named Obzahn. Obzahn is the guardian of Wozz, but was trapped in this tower by Balam’s minions. He explains to us that the god of Wozz, Seus, resides in the Pure Land and asks us to go meet with him to find Balam’s hideout. But first, we have to unlock the path with statues of the holy beasts. Obzahn explains that the first statue, the Serpent, is in a Mount Lykanai located to the north of Wofel Tower. Before we head out, Obzahn relishes in his new freedom and tells us to meet him in the town of Agueh to the east once we find the statue. Our heroes head to Mount Lykanai and dive deep into the caves where they find the underground robot city of Nolute. The robots are quite hospitable and offer us a room to rest in before we head deeper. Once our heroes reach the bottom of the cave, we run into Cannibal, Balam’s right-hand man. Isn’t this like the third “right hand man” we’ve run across? Cannibal taunts our team and tells us that Balam just infiltrated the Pure Land, so we’re out of luck. A boss battle ensues, but we destroy him (I might be a bit overleveled). After our victory, we recover the Serpent statue and board our airship to head to Agueh.

Balam is the ever elusive villain. We’re coming for you!

Our heroic deeds have reached Agueh and the citizens are impressed that we have defeated each of Balam’s generals. We buy some new armor and items, then head to the inn to speak with Obzahn. He congratulates us on our victory and tells us that the Turtle Statue is with Sullivan and the Elephant Statue is with the old fortune teller. With our new information, we go pick up the statues from Screaming Mimi and Grunty Granny, and head back to the base of Mount Lykanai. Chun, Leona, and Shot place the statues on their respective pedestals and a teleportation spell starts to work, but the statues cannot create enough energy to teleport all four of us. Our fourth party member (Vangas, in our case) opts to stay behind, so the three main heroes reactivate the statues and teleport to the Pure Land. Upon our arrival, we run around the heavenly castle and meet up with Eoria… but it turns out to be one of her cats using transformation magic. Chun tries to communicate with the cat through a series of meows, but they can’t understand each other. We scoop up the kitty cat and head into the grand hall to finally speak to God. As we make our way up the grand hall, we run into Iceyes again and she lets us know that she feels bad that people are fighting with all their might but Balam still reigns terror upon Wozz. She has decided to lend a helping hand in the Pure Land and gives us some Amethyst Earrings to help us on our journey. Now that we’ve wrapped everything up, we approach the throne and meet God.

Seus…not Zeus. Just so we’re clear.

Seus introduces himself to us and says he recognizes us as the heroes that Sullivan summoned to save Wozz. Despite being the supreme being, his old age has sapped his strength and Balam’s power has become too much for him to fight against. Seus explains that Balam’s use of human technology gives him an advantage that the Wozzians do not have, thus allowing him to achieve such terrifying strength. However, since we are from the human realm, we may be able to defeat him. While we are discussing our mission with Seus, Balam’s voice sounds through the grand hall and he says he’s had enough of our interference before sending us all back to the human realm. Chun wakes up in his bedroom and is quite confused on how he got back, but he quickly realizes this is just Balam’s magic at work and steels himself for the coming fight. Before he jumps into the dimensional portal, he has a moment of exposition where he remembers all the bullying he suffered for being different. His journey through Wozz has changed him though, and he has more resolve and confidence now that he knows what he is capable of. As his mom comes looking for him, he jumps through the dimensional portal and lands back in the basement of the Pure Land. Unsure if the other two heroes decided the same way as him, he looks around a bit before Leona and Shot show up. The trio discusses how they all shared a similar moment, recognizing that they could have just stayed in the human realm, but the people of Wozz have come to mean so much to them that they all swear to see their mission through to completion. We head back upstairs and talk to Seus again, where Shot tells him to cut the shit and direct us to Balam. He’s really ballsy, that one. Seus complies and tells us that Balam is in a flying fortress over Anthill Tower. With a final send off, Seus teleports us to the fortress and we ascend into our final dungeon!

The gang’s all here!

Since the statues couldn’t handle teleporting all four members of our team, none of our companions are with us when we arrive at Balam’s fortress. As our heroes set off, they hear Ceramic calling out behind them and then our whole team emerges from the tower. They remind us that we’re all in this together and that the fate of Wozz lies in all of our hands. With that, we now have everyone back in the party and can swap them out at any time. Due to his party buffs and decent damage, I decided Vangas was going to be my companion through the final battle. Yay lizard pirate! Our team makes their way up through the fortress and quickly finds that the main entrance has been damaged to stop intruders from getting in. Leona says she can repair it, but we have to find parts for it first. We travel around the courtyard and enter six or so buildings with a variety of puzzles. Nothing too difficult, although there was a puzzle with some colored chests that didn’t really make sense to me. With all of the parts in tow, we head back to the control room and Leona repairs the gate controls. We head to a final save spot and approach the top of the fortress to finally confront Balam.

Balam did not look at all like I expected him to look. All the artwork for the game showed him as this black-cloaked figure with three eyes…but he’s your typical anime pretty boy villain.

Our team runs into the final room and corners Balam, telling him that his time has come. Unphased, he turns to us and laughs, reminding us that his magic is what teleported us back to the human world.  You doubt us, bro? We just spent three days wiping out your ENTIRE army. But okay…do you. Not one to waste time on talking, he immediately attacks the party and we enter the final fight. Considering this is the final battle, I played it safe and split duties up between party members. Shot was my main damage dealer, Vangas buffed the party with defensive magic and then attacked when the buffs were set up, Leona attacked and used items to keep everyone clear of status effects, and Chun mostly healed. The first part of the battle was not too difficult, although this is the first fight in the game where I felt the pressure of needing to heal every turn. After knocking down a big chunk of his health, Balam casts some kind of dimensional portal around all of us and yells about how we have underestimated the strength of the demon tribe. His “human” form disappears and is replaced by a large…well…I don’t really know. It’s kind of an octopus? But it’s also kind of a slug crab plant? With the head of a night elf from World of Warcraft? Also, he has a vagina in the middle of his chest. Why do final bosses in JRPGs always have some weird, sexual undertones in their artistic design? Is this a philosophy thing trying to remind us that the root of everything is sex? Who knows. Anyway, we continue the battle and it definitely heats up for this second form. I had a couple of close calls because I risked doing damage instead of healing with Chun, but eventually, we emerged victorious. With a final scream, Balam dissipates into nothingness. Yay! Balam is no more!!! We win! Na-na-na-na boo boo. Sucker! Our full party appears on screen to celebrate our victory, but the celebration is cut short by a magical overload from Balam’s destruction. A portal to the human world is opening and everyone will get sucked in if the team doesn’t evacuate! Since Shot, Leona, and Chun have completed their mission, they have accepted that this is goodbye and Shot instructs Chun and Eliza to get everyone to safety with their magic powers.

The portal to the human world is sucking everyone in!

The supporting party members gather around Eliza, then she and Chun focus their magic and teleport everyone but our main trio back to safety. The camera zooms out and we see the floating skull fortress start wavering in the sky before it comes crashing down outside of Anthill Tower. We are taken back to the entrance of Anthill Tower, where Sullivan and the supporting party are gathered. Sullivan relishes in the fact that their long, long fight with Balam is finally over and Wozz is safe from evil again. With that, we see our companions celebrate and then the credits roll. The end!

Their little sprite animations are so cute! I really love video game art.

JUST KIDDING! Haha, you thought we were done, didn’t you? You should know better…JRPGs never end in a simple matter. We are taken to a scene in Sullivan’s church mansion, where we see him and his workers going about their normal business. As he turns around, he sees Shot, Leona, and Chun walk up and jumps backward into a wall. He is completely shocked they are still here and stammers to ask them what happened. Shot calls him out and says that killing Balam didn’t send them back to their own world, explaining that when the fortress crashed, the heroes just crashed with it. When they woke up, they climbed out of the rubble and made their way back to Journey, not really sure how to get back home. Sullivan shares that he just received a message from Madisto about how he finished his experiment, so he joins us as a guest and suggests we go talk to our alchemist friend to find a way back to the human world. When we arrive at Madisto’s home, we hear his voice echo through a speaker system. He congratulates us on our victory, then instructs us to head downstairs into his laboratory.  As we make our way down, we notice some weird mummies scattered throughout the halls and in containment cells. In talking to them, we find out that Madisto is performing experiments on Wozzians and they beg us to kill him. What? But Madisto was so nice to us!

I know we shouldn’t read people’s diaries, BUT….

We find a large library in one of the hallways and come across Madisto’s diary. We find out that Madisto was never able to use magic like the rest of the Wozzians and because of that, he was driven out of every village he went to. He discovered the “unique power of human science” and immersed himself in studies, becoming a renowned alchemist that could combine both the magic of Wozz and the science of the human world. Then we find the line where he calls himself the genius that will rule them all and realize that he’s been batshit crazy this whole time. That’s a bummer…I liked Madisto. Healy Science Boy is now Evil Alchemical Bastard. Phooey! We make our way into his underground chamber and he introduces to one of his newest creations. Remember the Dino DNA we got waaaaaay back at the beginning of the game and the human technology we exchanged for the keycard to get into the Great Laboratory? Yeah, well he turned it into a Technodinosaur…and now it’s trying to eat us. Queue another boss fight. After we defeat the dinosaur, we head into Madisto’s experiment room. Chun confronts Madisto, asking him what the hell kind of experiments he’s been running on the people he’s keeping prisoner in his basement. Madisto tells everyone not to worry and completely glosses over it, stating that he can open the dimensional tunnel to send us back to the human realm. Sullivan then notices three glowing orbs at the back of the room and stares in awe. Those orbs were the magical technology used to open the dimensional tunnel in the first place but were lost to time when the tunnel was sealed off. Madisto claims they are not originals, but that through his studies of alchemy, he learned of them and recreated them so he could reopen the tunnel. Unsure of whether or not it would work, he needed a test subject. So, he went to the land of the demons and convinced a power-hungry Balam to travel through the tunnel and receive UNLIMITED POWER!!!!

So all of this is because of Madisto…what a dick!

Sullivan asks Madisto why he did all of this and he explains that in the beginning, it was simply to further his experiments and knowledge. However, in seeing his hypothesis proven correct and the amount of power that Balam gained, Madisto now wants to become the supreme ruler of Wozz. Mwahahaha! Having had enough, Sullivan shouts that as the Elder of Wozz, he will not allow this! Theeeen he gets hit in the head with a falling bedpan and conks out. Madisto turns to our trio and asks then what they will do – return home and let the fate of Wozz be decided by the Wozzians, or fight him and sacrifice their only way back to the human world. Chun’s had enough of his shit, so he bucks up and says he’s ready to fight Madisto, even if it means he’ll never see his family again. He’s not a coward anymore! Madisto laughs at our futility and ensures us that death is coming as we enter our real final battle. At this point, we have the best weapons in the game and both Shot and Leona’s final weapons have 4x hit on them, so there is no need to use skills (in fact, you can’t). Madisto hit really hard, so Chun was on healing duty the whole time.

Your silly science can’t beat the power of friendship! HA!

After our victory, Madisto is shocked that he lost and recounts his theories and calculations before passing out on the floor. The room starts to self destruct and Leona shouts for everyone to grab an orb and run. As the trio reunites outside, Chun shares that he was worried Sullivan wouldn’t survive, so he left the orb and dragged Screaming Mimi out. Sullivan finally wakes up and is astonished that Chun chose him over the orb. Chun laments his “bad” decision, but the party reassures him that he’s a real hero for choosing to save someone else’s life over his own. Without the orbs, the party discusses how they may be able to get home…but then Sullivan runs over and starts grabbing at Chun, claiming that a ball is stuck to his cape. It’s the orb! Sullivan says they can use the orbs at the Fairy Castle teleportal, so he dusts himself off and warps everyone there. Here we see our trio of heroes, along with Sullivan and his fellow mages. Sullivan tells them that once they leave, they won’t be able to return, so he asks if he should summon everyone so they can all say goodbye. Chun declines, saying that goodbyes are too hard, but he mentions his thanks to his time in Wozz and all the courage it taught him. He then asks Sullivan to say goodbye to everyone, to which Sullivan agrees. Before teleporting them back to the human realm, the three heroes share a warm moment where they express their hopes that they’ll run into each other again someday. We then see a huge beam of light erupt through the sky and once and for all, our heroes are returned home and Wozz is safe.

Bye Wozz! We had an exciting journey!

As a second set of credits roll, we get some final scenes of our companions that we left behind in Wozz. Eliza and all of the Fairy Guardians are gathered in front of the Fairy Castle, and we see a rare emotional moment from Eliza where she reassures herself that she’ll see our heroes again someday. Dolon and his band of soldiers cheer in honor of Chun. Vangas acknowledges that the heroes are gone, then resolves his band of pirates to go out and make good on their word of making Wozz a better place. Mills packs up and leaves Elfish to become the hero fish he knows he is. Ramune chases Madisto around the Dark Land, punishing him for all of the shit he put the Wozzians through. Finally, we see Ceramic and her mother thanking the saviors of Wozz. In our final scene, Chun wakes up in his bedroom realizing that no time has passed since he left. His mom yells at him from the other room, asking if he’ll be going to school today. She asks if he is going to be okay going back since the kids at school relentlessly tease him, suggesting that it would be okay if he wants to stay home for one more day. After a quick costume change into his normal clothes, he remembers all of the courage that he gained in Wozz and yells back that he’s going to school and that’s that! Those bullies won’t bother him anymore! Awww. Our little magic boy is all grown up! *teary eyes*

The end!

Man! What a ride! I had fun with this game and I hope you enjoyed taking the journey with me. As always, thanks for reading! Stay tuned for a final review post in a few days. After that, we’ll head into our next adventure! Bye~


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